Wheel Alignment

Make your car safer & your tyres last longer with our alignment service

Importance of wheel alignment service

Having a correct wheel alignment is one of the best ways for you to maximize the life of your tyres. Tyres can be a significant investment, so we want to help you get the most out of them. As well as helping tyres last longer, well aligned tyres are safer, save on fuel, and provide better handling on the road.

Visit any Oriel branch, and let one of our qualified mechanics assist you with specific recommendations for your vehicle.

What is a wheel alignment?

An alignment service will adjust your tyres to how they should be, based on your cars manufacturer specifications with the purpose of reducing tyre wear and increasing the safety of your vehicle.

Your tyres can move out of alignment over time, or they can be jerked out of alignment by incidents such as hitting a curb or pothole. If your tyres are out of alignment, you may feel as though your car is pulling off to one side of the road.

Misaligned tyres will not only compromise your safety on the road, but also greatly increase the wear on your tyres. This means you will need to pay the cost of replacing your tyres well before their normal wear life.

Wheel Alignment Service

Wheel Alignment Service

Put yourself in safe hands

If you are looking to correct your alignment, book in for a tyre service at your nearest Oriel serive center. Our qualified auto service mechanics use the latest alignment technology to make sure your tyres steer true, and undergo the least amount of wear. We will tell you about all our work and costs upfront so you can get your tyres in perfect order without blowing your budget.

When do you need a wheel alignment service?

You may need an alignment service if: 

  • Your steering doesn’t feel right, or is pulling to one side
  • You are rotating your tyres
  • Your tyres display notable wear
  • You customise your vehicle, and raise or lower the chassis
  • An incident occurs on the road, such as a bump or pothole, that makes you think your wheels may be misaligned

You may also want to check your alignment if it has been a while since your last service.

Road hazards
Minor accidents
Tyre wear and tear

How much is a wheel alignment?

The cost of a wheel alignment can vary depending on the make and model of your car and the type of tyres you have.

Oriel has expert tyre technicians who will be able to assist with your all your alignment and tyre requirements.

To get a price on an alignment for your vehicle, be sure to contact us.