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Ferodo is dedicated to safely, quietly and smoothly stopping your light commercial vehicles. As the preferred OE brand for many LCVs, Ferodo understands the demanding job your brakes have to do, time and time again.


Ferodo Brake Pads

Eco-Friction®: a Breakthrough in Greener and Safer Technology


Forerunner on the market, ECO-FRICTION® is the result of 5 years of dedicated Research with 1,500 materials tested and 25 different new components.

Eco-Friction® makes it greener for best-in-class performance with this technological breakthrough

  • Green materials for a greener product & a significant reduction of fine particles emissions
  • Noise suppression
  • Increased safety
  • Best-in-class performance results

As great as a Ferodo®Premier pad, minus the copper

  • ECO-FRICTION®  brake tested on 6 popular vehicles models: consistency of performance results ascertained
  • Up to 17% more stopping power than competitors' brands on selected vehicles makes the Eco-Friction®pad the best product with a technical innovation already approved and adopted by vehicle manufacturers.

Already approved by premium car brands

Fitted as Original Equipment on Mercedes-Benz C-Class since March 2014 and Audi A4 since September 2015.

Quick-Look Benefits


Thoroughly tested for guaranteed performance results and greater stopping power


Eco-Friction® technology (low or zero copper) available on up to 95% of the product range*, making Ferodo the leading supplier of greener braking pads.

OEM Approved

Featuring innovative technology approved by vehicle manufacturers.