JFBK Brake Pads

JFBK Brake Pads
JFBK Brake Pads


Superior braking power
Quiet performance and
Longer rotor and pad life

Warning Signs - Check braking system if you experience:

  1. Persistent metal grinding/growling noise: As the pad wears thin, the caliper rubs on the rotor
  2. Reduced Responsiveness: If brakes are not as responsive as they should be and pedal ‘sinks’ towards the floor, this could indicate a leak
  3. Pulling: If vehicle pulls to one side while braking, it may be a sign the brake linings are wearing unevenly or a foreign matter in the brake fluid.
  4. Vibration: A vibration or pulsating brake pedal is often a symptom of warped rotor if the vibration occurs during braking situations when anti-lock brakes are not engaged.